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The following choice of our references from 2002 until today may be an evidence for the stability and innovative activity of Heliport Services GmbH mainly in german speaking countries but also in other european countries.



  • Bad Kissingen, Germany, Hospital St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus

  • Berlin-Buch, Germany, Hospital HELIOS-Klinikum

  • Dachau, Germany, Hospital Amper Kliniken AG Klinikum Dachau

  • Dresden, Germany, Hospital Staedtisches Krankenhaus Dresden-Friedrichstadt

  • Güstrow, Germany, Federal Border Guard BGS and Hospital KMG Klinikum

  • Hamburg, Germany, University Hospital UKE (Uniklinik Eppendorf)

  • Leipzig, Germany, General German Automobile Association ADAC Rettungsstation Doelzig

  • Ludwigshafen, Germany, Hospital of the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention

  • Niebüll, Germany, German air rescue service and Hospital

  • Nienburg, Germany, Hospital Kreiskrankenhaus

  • Ottobrunn, Germany, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS

  • Pforzheim, Germany, Hospital Arcus Sportklinik

  • Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, Hospital Stauferklinik

  • Stuttgart, Germany, Police helicopter unit Baden-Wuerttemberg at the airport Stuttgart


Wind power plants - Obstruction light systems

  • Wind farm Cottbus / Germany (12 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Frankenfelde / Germany (4 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Kamen / CZ (1 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Mosonmagyarovar / Hungary (5 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Lipna, Maletin, Drahany / CZ (3 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Schönwalde / Germany (14 wind power stations)

  • Wind farm Würzburg / Germany (40 wind power stations)


Components for heliports & airports

  • Altenburg, airport-beacon at airport

  • Budapest (Hungary), Wind direction indicator at the airport

  • Graz (Austria), Rescue & firefighting equipment, wind direction indicator at the emergency hospital

  • Tulln (Austria), Rescue & firefighting equipment, wind direction indicator at the hospital Donauklinikum

  • Vienna (Austria), wind direction indicator with heliport beacon


Transmitting masts and radio towers - Obstruction light systems

  • Dresden (Germany), transmitting mast: obstruction lighting

  • Cottbus (Germany), radio tower: obstruction lighting

  • Elstra (Germany, Oberlausitz), radio tower: obstruction lighting

  • Geyer (Germany, Erzgebirge), radio tower: obstruction lighting

  • Senftenberg (Germany), radio tower: obstruction lighting

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