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About the company


The Heliport Services GmbH was founded in 2002 by Peter Becker and partner. As commercial helicopter pilots they were at one with each other that is was urgently necessary to improve the obstruction lighting systems and the lighting especially at heliports. So the idea was born to found an own company and therefore to install first-class lighting systems for aviation, with the aim to act as a general supplier for all necessary helipad equipment, first of all in order to increase the safety of the aviation for pilots and passengers.


Engineers and skilled personnel in the field of lighting of heliports, lighting of masts, cranes, chimneys as well as wind power stations supports them in achieving their aim.


We are planning and realizing projects in Germany and in Europe. This means not only the day and night marking of the projects, but especially the connection of the stations with each other. In doing so the wind power stations are synchronized, the light intensity is automatically adapted to the visibility conditions in order to maximize the safety for the aviation and minimize the disturbances for the population.


Dependant on requirements, also other aviation obstacles like transmitting masts, chimneys, radio towers of mobile network operators etc. are equipped by our company with obstruction lights.





Peter Becker e.K.

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Dresden HRA 9541

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managing director:

Peter Becker

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