Kopfbild Heliport Services

Wind energy plants - obstruction lights


We are planning and realizing wind park projects in Germany and in Europe. This means not only the day and night marking of the wind power stations, but also the connection of the stations with

each other. In doing so the wind power stations are synchronized, the light intensity is automatically adapted to the visibility conditions after regular measurements, in case of power breakdowns or other failures the signals are transferred automatically to the operators or the service companies

and many other things.


Marking of any kind of aviation obstacle and supplying and installing lighting systems and rescue equipment for heliports in order to increase the safety for pilots and passengers is our daily business.


Most important features:

  • Special lenses for protection from disturbing light infl uence on the ground under consideration of the ICAO-required photometric characteristics.

  • Reduction of the light intensity is possible in accordance with valid regulations when using a visibility meter.

  • The cable fairlead at the nacelle is a pluggable connector. This makes not only the installation and maintenance of the obstruction lighting system easier, but also necessary service works at the wind power station.

  • Emergency power supply with 10 hours standard backup time

  • Failure indication system works separately for each wind power station in order to allow the remote monitoring system to easily locate the relevant wind power station.

  • Synchronizing the lights on wind power plants even from different manufacturers is possible by using GPS (global positioning system).