Kopfbild Heliport Services

Heliport Lighting System


Taking the latest recommendations of ICAO and Helicopter Manual into consideration the heliport lighting system has been developed.


The heliport lighting system is modular, possible to operate many different aviation components of almost any number, enhancement of the system is possible, also with components that always exist.


Rescue and Fire fighting equipment with optional vandalism protection as well as warning lights and signs also can be included in the whole system.


Excerpt of possible components for heliports:

  • Flood lights for TLOF / FATO

  • Perimeter lights (elevated or inset) for the TLOF

  • Perimeter lights (elevated or inset) for the FATO

  • Approach lights (elevated or inset)

  • Aiming point lights to support aiming point marking

  • Perimeter lights for taxiway

  • Perimeter lights for the apron

  • Obstruction lights

  • Wind direction indicator

  • Heliport Beacon

  • Operator Panel

  • RadioControl (remote sFerneinschaltung der Befeuerung)

  • Rescue & fire fighting equipment

  • Hoveringmarkers

  • Warning devices & signs

  • Camera system

  • Wheather display

  • Wind display

heliport lighting
heliport lighting
Warning light & sign
Warning light & sign

The heliport lighting system is outstanding because of its versatile specific features and options to be enhanced:

  • Intensity of perimeter and approach lights is regulated automatically, with option to select intensity manually

  • Control of distant aviation components wired (conventional, bus system) or wireless

  • Video recording and display of the heliport for visual control and to increase safety of the heliport

  • Weatherdisplay with logging capabilities

Befeuerung Windrichtungsanzeiger

Operator panel und control cabinet


An easy operator panel for places where even personnel without aviation knowledge can switch the heliport lighting system. This is possible due to the integrated controller that automatically is reading necessary parameters.


Flexible options for operator panels:

  • Switching on the light system directly by the heliports pilot

  • Remote operation via telephone

  • Integration into building control

  • Operator panel with site plan

  • Outdoor Operator Panel with access protection

Operator panel
Operator panel

The control cabinet is the heart of the lighting system and equiped with als state-of-the-art devices needed to operate all componentes that are connected. As there are so many options of components the dimensions of the cabinet varies, in dependance of the selected options always including some free space for possible later enhancements. Whether the cabinet will stand indoor or outdoor than plastic, sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel - for every need there is a good solution.

control cabinet of the lighting system
control cabinet of the lighting system